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Ever Grainger

The work in this exhibition is an installation of a series of dripped and dropped silicone pieces that are spaced out along the jet-black mantelpiece in the gallery; production-line style, in a vivid green. 
Accompanying them is a C-Type print - a stereo photographic anaglyph - on the wall above, featuring one of the silicone pieces enlarged, isolated, hovering in a grey tinted non-space. Red and blue viewing glasses are provided.
My works since 2019 have featured the use of hand-extruded silicone exploring its material possibilities in relation to tools, machines and the artist’s hand. In using or returning to manual tools and analogue photographic processes, I look to create a dialogue, here ‘unplugged’, around our relationship with rapidly advancing technologies.

Ever will be our Meet the Artist at art_house_life 11-12 noon Thurs 25th July, and will also be participating in art-house-life’s Panel Event: Traditional processes in contemporary photography 2-4.30pm Friday 26th July.

Commission queries via:

Instagram: @evergrainger


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