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John & Peter Ewbank
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We stand at the forefront of AI-assisted art, exploring the convergence of human imagination and the machine's tireless effort. My work is not just about creating striking visuals; it seeks to carve a journey into the nature of creativity in the digital age. AI art, after-all, is the democratisation of creativity. It allows us to bypass technical constraints, imposed upon us by the pen and paper, and focus on the essence of artistic expression – the interplay between reality and emotion, the conceptualisation of the impossible. I hope, that in my creations, a world where boundaries blur between the tangible and imagined is revealed. Where each piece opens a window to realms where time loses scale, and a single moment can encompass lifetimes of contemplation. And so, with the aid of the machine, art becomes an activity of constant experimentation, pushing against the limits of both technology and human imagination. It's an ongoing journey of discovery, where each artwork is not an end, but a beginning – a stepping stone into uncharted realms of creativity.

John will be participating in art-house-life’s Panel Event: AI in the Hands of Artists 2-4.30pm Monday 22nd July.

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