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Sam French
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As a recent BA Photography graduate from Bath Spa University, specializing in story-based and documentary photography, my work is driven by a desire to evoke emotions and inspire compassion. I strive to capture moments that tell powerful narratives, using authentic themes to connect with people on a deeper level. My series ‘Marked’ uses the themes of land, loss and belonging to explore how the landscape physically evolves as a result of coastal erosion. Questioning the boundary between the permanence of memory and impermanence of place, we are forced to borrow time from our memories, in an attempt to experience our home as we once did.

Sam will be participating in art-house-life’s Panel Event: Traditional processes in contemporary photography 2-4.30pm Friday 26th July, and will also be our Meet the Artist at art_house_life 2.30-3.30pm Sat 27th July.

Commission queries via:

Instagram: @samfrenchphotography


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