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Imaginal Geographies

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Ventnor Fringe 2018

Artwork by Jeremy Morgan, albedo marz, Joanna Kori & performance by Cat Skellington


The following are a selection of comments made in the visitors book at the Imaginal Geographies exhibition at art_house_life from 08 Aug 2018.

  • Lovely art, lovely house, and lovely view of the sea!

  • Speechless! Had my annual fix!

  • So refreshing to see genuinely excellent work; Love the hall installation - thank you Jo

  • A fascinating encounter with extremely interesting people. Beautiful work

  • Lovely experience, very interesting learning about the art in a beautiful house

  • Amazing, thank you for sharing your art, philosophy and lives with us in a stunning space

  • Lovely and wondefully interesting pieces. Loved having the interactivity with the artists too

  • Really interesting to hear about the ideas behind the art. Diolch!

  • Superb - all so professional, uplifting, disturbing and I admire you all. Art in all its forms must reign

  • Wonderful imagination and most inspriational

  • Love the string things

  • Another smash hit - thank you for the wonderful talk as well

  • Beautiful work in an equally beautiful space

  • Thank you - truly an eye-opener

  • Another inspiring exhibition. Love the praying mantises Jo - delicate dancers!

  • Praying mantis nests...who knew?

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