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Upcoming Events 2024

art-house-life is open every day 19th -28th July of the festival with our (free) contemporary art show exclusively for Ventnor Fringe 2024!


Opening times are 10.30-12.30 and 14.00-16.30 - book an a.m. or p.m. visit via Ventnor Fringe Box Office.

This year nineteen local, national and international artists have been selected for their innovative and exploratory use of lens-based media, including the currently controversial AI. You can look forward to traditional and digital photographic, mixed media, interactive and immersive encounters at 35 Madeira Road, hosted daily by albedo marz and Jo Kori


The following (free) events take place during opening hours:

  • Saturday 20th July: Meet the Artist: Jeremy Morgan (11am + 2.30pm)

  • Sunday 21st July: Meet the Artist: Alicia French (11am)

  • Sunday 21st July: Meet the Artist: Julian Winslow (2.30pm)

  • Monday 22nd July: Panel Q&A event: AI in the hands of artists: featuring John Ewbank, Alicia French, Jan Frith, Maggie Sawkins, Paradox Paul, Steve Rushton & Lorrain Baggaley (2pm)

  • Monday 22nd July: Ovid with Reverb new live performance (7.30pm)

  • Wednesday 24th July: Meet the Artist: Zoe Barker (2.30pm)

  • Thursday 25th July: Meet the Artist: Ever Grainger (11am)

  • Thursday 25th July: Meet the Poet: Maggie Sawkins (2.30pm)

  • Friday 26th July: Meet the Artist: Jan Frith (11am)

  • Friday 26th July: Panel Q&A Event: Traditional processes in contemporary photography: Jo Kori, Julian Winslow, Sam French, Ever Grainger, Don Robinson (2.30pm)

  • Friday 26th July: Dada Joy livestream performance (7pm)

  • Saturday 27th July: Meet the Artist: Faith Ibrahim (11am)

  • Saturday 27th July: Meet the Artist: Sam French (2.30pm)

  • Sunday 28th July: Extended Ambience live performance (2.30pm)


Book your (free) am or pm visit(s) via Ventnor Fringe Box Office.

art-house-life VFringe Artists 2024
IWOS 2024.png

art-house-life @ 35 Madeira Road will be open for the Isle of Wight Open Studios 23rd August - 8th September. Visitors can see the working studios of albedo marz, Alicia French, Izzy Kori & Jo Kori, and they will also be exhibiting in the IWOS showcase at Quay Arts 12th July - 4th August.

art-house-life Open Studios Artists 2024
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