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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Easter 2018

Artwork by albedo marz & Joanna Kori & film preview by Kori Humphrys


The following are a selection of comments made in the visitors book at the Missing exhibition at art_house_life from 31 March 2018.

  • Just brilliant

  • Stunning! Love your house, your art and you!

  • Fantastic! Great work, great place

  • Fantastic phone shells and true words. A beautiful exhibition - thanks

  • Great images and lovely ideas

  • Most impressed - so glad we came

  • Fantastic exhibition, life is such a learning curve

  • Inspirational exhibition giving endless possibilities I can incorporate into my own work

  • Inspiring and thought provoking work in a beautiful setting

  • A gem of a find on an afternoon walk. Thanks for sharing your talent and time

  • Fascinating, thought provoking, beautiful artwork and artists. So glad I came, will be back

  • It all links together. So elegant and inspiring!

  • Fascinating exhibition. Thank you for increasing the diversity of our experiences in the world of art

  • I'm glad you exist

  • Fantastic show. Absolutely love the drawings in the backroom and the mobile device

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